We’ll be back

Unfortunately, for various reasons (payment issues, advertising/promotional issues, season concept not working out, other servers launching at the same time as us, etc), our 18/08 launch was unable to gain enough traction to survive.

As such, we've been forced to make the heartbreaking decision to shut it down, before we end up dragging things out and further waste peoples' time.

While we were aware of potential concerns, I think it's fair to say that all of the staff were rather shell-shocked at the actual turnout.

Our current priority right now is to ensure everybody who purchased Apex Points is refunded, including those who purchased via MINT codes.

Regular payment methods (credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, etc.)

These should all be refunded en masse sometime this week (as of 21/08), once PaymentWall & Payssion process them (hopefully sooner, rather than later). When we have any updates, we'll update this page.

Update (25/08):
Payssion: all remaining refunds have been issued now, with the exception of a couple of bank transfers that we're still looking into (29/08: these are manually refunded now).
PaymentWall: all refunds were issued sometime on the 22nd.

This leaves 1 remaining player who used MINT and requires a manual refund, who we've reached out to in a few different locations and still needs to reply back, but otherwise, all refunds are processed at this point.

Thankyou very much for your patience.

Update (21/08):
Payssion: refunds have all begun, so you should be receiving those soon.
Edit: PIX payments have all been refunded. The rest of the refunds are still being processed.

PaymentWall: the ball is moving here -- we are back & forthing with them about the individual payment methods used. We'll update you when they start to go out.

MINT codes

We are currently in the process of getting into contact with everybody who purchased these (those in Discord we are aware of have been contacted, everyone else has been sent an email), so that we can issue refunds via PayPal (preferably) or another method which we can discuss.

Update (21/08):
We're happy to announce that we've managed to contact and refund all but 2 people who used MINT. The remaining 2 we're still trying to reach.

If you have purchased a MINT code, please send a DM to twostars on Discord containing the following:

We are immensely sorry for the state in which this server was delivered, and have no intention of this experience being repeated in future. We hope that when the time comes, you will still be willing to give us another chance.

Until next time.

— The Apex Gaming Team

PS: You can join our Discord and keep up-to-date on what's going on.